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Trip Report

East Coast Travelogue

July 26-August 11, 2006
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Wednesday August 9, 2006

I arrived at the Springfield station at about 10:10 to catch Shuttle 493 to New Haven. Our equipment from 490 was just arriving as I arrived at the station. Boarding began around 10:30, our consist was:

Amfleet I Cab Car	9644 (Capstone)
Amfleet I Coach		82999
P-42 Locomotive		107
The P-42 bringing up the rear looked like it had probably been through hell and back again, the number boards looked to be hand drawn. What did they do run through a tree or two and a truck? Oh well who knows.

We stopped just north of Windsor to wait for 470 with the AMTK 132 to pass us Northbound. We moved along the line at a pretty good clip but either the geometry of the line or the shocks on the cab car left something to be desired. We arrived at New Haven about 10 minutes and arrived on Track 1, 93 had already arrived on the same platform as us on Track 3. Most passengers headed across the platform to make their connection to points south, but I headed inside to find the location of my Northbound to Boston. 172 would be boarding on Track 4, but I grabbed a cheap(er) lunch from Sbarro before heading up to the platform.

172 arrived a few minutes early, I boarded the rear car into the Quiet Car which was fairly empty. I walked the train which was decently full, the consist was:

AEM-7AC Locomotive	929
Amfleet I Coach		21926
  (working as Business Class)
Amfleet I Cafe		43370
Amfleet I Coach		82583
Amfleet I Coach		82505
Amfleet I Coach		82507
Amfleet I Coach		21060
Amfleet I Coach		82041

We made decent time along the Shore Line; the only major delay was just east of Old Saybrook waiting for the drawbridge to close. We moved along at a decent clip the whole trip, and the geometry of the Shore Line was much better than that of the other portions of the corridor which seemed to be very rough in comparison. We arrived at South Station right next to Acela 2171 the 3:15 to New York and Washington. I walked upstairs to the bus station and was able to catch the 3:25 bus to Cape Cod. As much as people complain about the looks of the bus station it is very convenient for switching modes of transportation.

Acela Express Power Car 2006 with AEM-7AC 929 in Boston Amfleet I cab car 9649 AEM-7AC locomotive 929
AEM-7AC locomotive 929 AEM-7AC locomotive 929 P-40 locomotive 843
P-42 locomotive 107 CSX GE ES44DC 5385
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