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Trip Report

East Coast Travelogue

July 26-August 11, 2006
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Wednesday August 2, 2006

I woke up around 6:00, showered, and headed downstairs to catch a cab down to 30th Street Station. I arrived at the station and found myself a spot near Track 9 since that's where I anticipated the boarding for 640. The train was running a few minutes late in from Harrisburg, but they still had us line up for the train about 20 minutes before boarding actually began. The consist was as follows:

AEM-7DC Locomotive	927
Amfleet I Coach		82052
Amfleet I Coach		21135
Amfleet I Coach		82606
Amfleet I Coach		44206
Amfleet I Coach		82030
Amfleet I Coach		21066
Amfleet I Coach		82618

The train was probably about half empty, but for a train only running from Harrisburg to New York it was a pretty decent load. We moved along the corridor nicely and entered Penn Station.

I always manage to end up on the LIRR concourse when I get off in Penn Station so I had to make the loop around to the Amtrak waiting area. I sat for approximately an hour in an extremely hot waiting room before I headed off in search of my reason for this layover, New York Pizza. I found a place on the concourse between the 7th and 8th Avenue Subways, which also had very cold A/C, which was more than welcome. I finished up and headed back upstairs to await the arrival of 56.

They arrived about 15 minutes left, we all lined up at the East Gate, then they decided to board from the West Gate, I headed down trackside and made my way to the Cab Car which was also the Quiet Car. The heat continued but at least the car was quiet. We moved swiftly along the Metro North trackage, only hitting a few sets of crossovers. We arrived in New Haven where our Electric was removed and diesel added to the rear. Our consist was:

AEM-7DC Locomotive	926 off NHV
Amfleet I Cab Car	9635 (Capstone)
Amfleet I Coach		82553
Amfleet I Coach		44672
Amfleet I Coach		81512 (Blue Triangle)
Amfleet I Club Car	48172 (Blue Triangle)
P-42 Locomotive		198 on NHV

The New Haven crews were very efficient in doing the Engine change, much more efficient than the Washington crews who seem to take forever to do a few simple moves. The cab car took over for the run up to Springfield. The Conductor came through and said the A/C on the Cab Car was busted and we were all welcome to move back to another coach with working A/C which I did and was a big relief. We arrived in Springfield, I detrained and headed off to spend a week with my friend in Northern Massachusetts.

Amfleet I cab car 9649 Amfleet I cab car 9635 Amfleet I cab car 9644
AEM-7DC locomotive 926 P-42 locomotive 198 P-42 locomotive 198
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