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CityRails: Urban Rail System Links

Last Update: April 1, 2018

The following list is arranged in alphabetical order by city. Under each city name is a list of the types of urban rail system links. The links will take you to a page with information on the specific mode, where available, or the system home page where you can find further links to individual modes. Some systems are listed under more than one city, e.g., Caltrain is listed under both San Jose and San Francisco.
  When construction on a line begins, it will be added to the Lines Under Construction section. When it opens, it will be moved to the main table of Operating Systems. If an extension to an existing system is being built, but a link to it is easily located on the page of the operating system, it will not be listed in the Under Construction table. The APTA Web Site contains a list, by mode, of systems and lines in the planning stage.
  This page lists rail operations run by public transportation agencies. There are several heritage streetcar operations around the country not on this list even though a few operate on rails shared with public transportation lines. In some cities, e.g., Seattle, San Franciso, Memphis and New Orleans, heritage lines are actually operated as part of the general public transportation services, and those are listed on this page. An illustrated list of heritage operations in the U.S. and Canada can be found on the APTA Heritage Trolley page.
  If you know of a system we've neglected, or you know of another official link to an urban rail transit system, please send a message to . See also the disclaimer comments at the end.

CITY System Links

CITY System Links


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