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Canadian Adventure - February 22-27, 2002
Onboard the Canadian

Posted: March 10, 2007

To view larger versions of the images, simply click on the image.
Welcome Aboard the Canadian A timeless view of the vestibule, ready to accept passengers. Photo taken at Jasper, Alberta.
Coach Interior The interior of the coaches on the Canadian featured mid-car dividers with HO models that can be seen in the center of this photo.
The Sections of a Manor-class Sleeper Each Manor-class sleeper had three sections. The fourth had been replaced with a shower.
Bedroom C of the Hearne Manor Bedroom C of the Hearne Manor set up for daytime travel.
Bedroom C of the Hearne Manor A train attendant makes up the upper berth in Bedroom C of the Hearne Manor.
Cold Storage in the Vestibule One advantage of traveling through freezing temperatures is that ice could be stored in the vestibules between cars.
The Diner set for Dinner For dinner, the tables in the diner were set in blue and white, and the chairs all had blue covers.
Lunch in the Diner Passengers enjoying lunch in the dining car Frontenac, with white table cloths and uncovered chairs.
Etched Glass in the Diner Two of the 12 tables were set off from the main car by etched glass panels.
The Kitchen of the Frontenac The Kitchen of the Frontenac.
The Kitchen of the Skyline Car Under the dome of the Skyline car was a snack bar and this kitchen.
The Servers Area of the Skyline Car The rear of the Skyline car had six tables for meal service, overseen by this server.
Passengers Enjoying the View From the Dome Passengers enjoying the view from the dome of the Strathcona Park.
Rear Lounge of the Strathcona Park Passengers in the rear lounge of the Strathcona Park are silhouetted in the windows.
Stairway to the Strathcona Park Dome The stairway to the dome of the Strathcona Park was flanked by six clocks that had the times in each of the Canadian time zones. Coffee was always available at the table below the clocks.

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