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Canadian Adventure - February 22-27, 2002
Seattle to Vancouver

Posted: March 10, 2007

To view larger versions of the images, simply click on the image.
Talgo Replacement Bus Due to mudslides and flooding, the Talgo train between Seattle and Vancouver was replaced by this bus.
Talgo Replacement Bus The headline on the Seattle Times sums up our feelings about the bus ride to Vancouver.
Talgo Replacement Bus Some of us managed to smile depsite the bus trip to Vancouver.
Vancouver SkyTrain A train on the new Millennium Line of Vancouver's Skytrain approaches Sapperton station under a full moon.
Vancouver SkyTrain A train on Vancouver's Skytrain approaches New Westminster with Mt. Baker, Washington, in the background.
Pacific Central Station The former Canadian National Station, now called Pacific Central, in Vancouver as seen from the SkyTrain station.
Happy Canadian Hockey Fans Hockey Fans Celebrating the Canadian Men's Hockey Team Gold Medal in the 2002 Olympics
Pacific Central Station The Canadian is Ready for Boarding in Vancouver.
Pacific Central Station Posing in front of The Canadian. The ill-fated Talgo is at far left.
Pacific Central Station The setting sun creates a silhouette of a young girl on her parent's shoulder who is watching her grandmother board the Canadian.

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