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Viewliner Names

Last Update: January 1, 2016

Viewliner-I Sleeper Names Viewliner-II Sleeper Names Viewliner-I & II Diner Names

Viewliner-I Sleeper Names
Number Original
"View" Name
New "River"
62000 American View Altamaha River
62001 Atlantic View Anacostia River
62002 Autumn View Appomattox River
62003 Bay View Big Otter River
62004 Beach View Big Sandy River
62005 Cape View Calumet River
62006 College View Catawba River
62007 Colonial View Charles River
62008 Eagle View Chattahoochee River
62009 Evening View Chicopee River
62010 Forest View Christina River
62011 Gulf View Connecticut River
62012 Harbor View Coosa River
62013 Harvest View Cranberry River
62014 Imperial View Croton River
62015 Island View Cuyahoga River
62016 Lake View Dan River
62017 Majestic View Deep River
62018 Meadow View Delaware River
62019 Metropolitan View Elizabeth River
62020 Moonlight View Elk River
62021 Morning View Elkhart River
62022 Mountain View Enoree River
62023 Mystic View Gauley River
62024 National View Genesee River
62025 Northern View Greenbrier River
62026 Ocean View Hackensack River
62027 Orchard View Harlem River
62028 Palisades View Haw River
62029 Palm View Hopatcong River
62030 Patriot View Hudson River
62031 Prairie View Huron River
62032 River View Iroquois River
62033 Scenic View Jackson River
62034 Sea View James River
62035 Shore View Kanawha River
62036 Skyline View Kankakee River
62037 Southern View Kissimmee River
62038 Spring View Leaf River
62039 Stream View Maumee River
62040 Summer View Miami River
62041 Summit View Middle River
62042 Sunrise View Mohawk River
62043 Sunset View New River
62044 Sylvan View Ohio River
62045 Tower View Pacolet River
62046 Tranquil View Palm River
62047 Village View Passaic River
62048 Wayside View Patapsco River
62049 Winter View Pearl River
62091 Eastern View NA

Viewliner-II Sleeper Names
Number Name
62500 Portage River
62501 Potomac River
62502 Rapidan River
62503 Rappahannock River
62504 Raritan River
62505 Reedy River
62506 Rivanna River
62507 Roanoke River
62508 Rocky River
62509 Saint Johns River
62510 Saint Joseph River
62511 Saint Marys River
62512 Saluda River
62513 Santee River
62514 Satilla River
62515 Savannah River
62516 Schuylkill River
62517 Seneca River
62518 Susquehanna River
62519 Tallapoosa River
62520 Tiffin River
62521 Tombigbee River
62522 Trout River
62523 Wabash River
62524 Westfield River

Viewliner-I Diner
Number Name
8400 Indianapolis
Viewliner-II Diner Names
Number Name
68000 Albany
68001 Annapolis
68002 Atlanta
68003 Augusta
68004 Baton Rouge
68005 Boston
68006 Charleston
68007 Columbia
68008 Columbus
68009 Concord
68010 Dover
68011 Frankfort
68012 Harrisburg
68013 Hartford
68014 Jackson
68015 Lansing
68016 Madison
68017 Montgomery
68018 Montpelier
68019 Nashville
68020 Providence
68021 Raleigh
68022 Richmond
68023 Springfield
68024 Tallahassee

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