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Stored, Sold and Leased P40s

Last Update: November 1, 2015

Stored Rebuilt Sold to NJT Leased-Sold to Conn DOT

P40s Stored (As of 11/1/2012)
Stored Dead Unit: 825. Retired: 807, 829
Remaining Units Moved to Beech Grove during second half of 2012: 800-806, 811, 813, 826-828, 839

P40s Rebuilt with ARRA Funds
809, 814-818, 821-824, 830-832, 835, 837

Sold to NJT, subsequent sale to ConnDOT (As of August 2015)
Amtrak Number NJT Number
808 4801
810 4802
812 4800
820 4803
These units were sold to NJT in the spring of 2007 for use on the Atlantic City Casino Commission-sponsored Atlantic City Express that operated from February 2009 until late 2011 between New York City and Atlantic City. In August 2015, NJT sold these locomotives to ConnDOT

Sold to Connecticut DOT (As of 1/1/09)
Locomotives Service
833, 834, 836, 838, 840, 841 Metro-North
842, 843 Shore Line East
These units were leased to Connecticut DOT in June 2005 and then sold in the fall of 2008

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