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Trip Report


June 9, 2006

by James Mancuso

I am a member of Friends of Amtrak and submit the following trip report from my trip from Rochester to Syracuse on Amtrak train 48, The Lake Shore Limited and return on Train 283. Date of trip was Friday, June 9,2006.

First, train 48 was two hours late arriving in Rochester,NY rather than the scheduled 8:05 time. The ticket agent told me that Norfolk Southern had been killing them while the train and its westbound counterpart were on that railroad. Train 48 was SOLD OUT and only tickets for that specific train would be honored.

At the time I boarded, the conductors and trainmen performed ticket collections as people boarded the train and were directed to the proper coach, which I think is an excellent idea, where conditions permit. I was handed my seat check and took the first open seat I could find. There were few on that day's Train 48. I enjoyed the ride, which was very nice.

Train 283 due out of Syracuse at 4:05 pm was 30 minutes late, due to trackwork going on on CSX.

Other than the late running of these two trains, the ride was very good and the crews really helpful, something most airlines seem to have forgotten. I do plan to ride Amtrak again this year, even if for another one day outing. That the Lake Shore Limited and other long distance trains frequently run sold out should tell this worthless administration that people DO ride the trains and want more of them.

James Mancuso

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