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Trip Report

Coast Starlight Oakland-Portland Round Trip

April 30-May 3, 2002
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The trip back to Oakland

We were supposed to depart Portland at 2:15PM. We didn't get going until 3:35PM. This was due to the UP lining up the freight first and Amtrak last. It was explained to us the track is owned by UP and Amtrak is powerless. Our engines are the same we had coming up, 112 and 120 in the lead.

We are on the sleeper car Tennessee room number 13 at the bottom of the car. Coming up we were in room 6 on the top. It is nice to get two different rooms. I like the fact that we will not have as much traffic going back and forth. There are not very many rooms in the bottom part of the sleeper car.

On the southbound train # 11 our attendant is Shirley. She is really nice and talkative. What a contrast compared to our northbound journey. She explains where everything is located and services provided. I didn't receive that on the way up. The defect detector calls out 56 axles on this train.

The southbound trip is peaceful and nice. I walked through the train and noticed there are a lot of people on board. This makes me happy to know that Amtrak is still being used by a lot of passengers.

10:20 PM the conductor is called to the lounge car. I can hear radio chatter about a naked passenger. I asked if they needed assistance but the conductor told me it is under control. Seems a drunk woman took her top off in one of the coach cars. The rest of the night is uneventful.

For dinner I had the prime rib dinner. I am a hearty eater but could barely finish mine. What a great dinner. I mean to tell you it was wonderful. I am impressed with this.

I couldn't sleep the whole night. I was thinking about when I would make my next Amtrak trip. I am hooked and I am planning to take my wife Karen with me in July for our vacation. I am going to treat her to a wonderful vacation. Amtrak is the way to go. Especially with a sleeper.

We arrived into Oakland and the trip was over. Next trip July. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.

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