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Trip Report

Lake Shore Limited Round Trip, Buffalo-Boston
and Downeaster Round Trip

April 2002


My wife and I traveled from Buffalo (Depew station) on the Lake Shore Limited #448 (which was real close to on-time) to Boston, Mass. We had a sleeper and the diner was one which was just rebuilt, with 5 stools at a counter by the kitchen and then the tables. Good food and service, but busy. We arrived at South Station and took the Orange and then the Green T-subway line to our hotel on Commonwealth Ave.

South station looked great with all the food establishments etc. Still a lot of construction from the "Big Dig".

In the morning we rode the "T" Green line to North Station and at the North Station/Fleet Center got on train 681, the new Downeaster, it was right on time and excellent staff, and very polite. The stations that are being rebuilt or built and the ones that are completed are nice and show that the community was involved. At one stop in New Hampshire two mounted police in full dress uniforms met the train. The train cafe Attendant said this happens quite frequently, good PR. We were in Business class and treated real well. We arrived at Portland right on time.

Portland and all the restaurants was a great experience and we lucked out, the weather was 50 for 2 of the 3 days. Holiday Inn picks up at the Amtrak station.

We left Portland, ME on April 5th on train 682. It had Genesis power on the front and back, instead of one with a Cab car, which we went up on. All was on time. We arrived in Boston on time at North Station. We took the "T" Orange line to South station.

Went in the new Acela lounge. Real nice, except now, since Sept 11th they will not let you leave anything in the lounge while you walk around the station.

We left on #449 on time. The Red Cap had the sleeper people board early if you wanted to. We had a standard room this time (a deluxe on the way up from Buffalo). Good ride to Albany, where we picked up #49 from NYC and mail and Roadrailer cars -- this took a while.

The new Albany station is almost done and looks good. We arrived at Depew Station about 20 minutes late. Overall an excellent trip with good staff and good meal attendants. We had free food in the Cafe car Boston to Albany, and when the diner was put on, we ate supper at 8PM. Again the trains were all full.

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