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"Super Saturday" Excursion with PCC-II Cars
February 5, 2005

Posted: October 25, 2005

For the past several years, Steve Barry, editor of Railfan and Railroad magazine has run a charter trip with PCC cars in Philadelphia on the Saturday before the Super Bowl. The 2005 excursion was the first to use the rebuilt PCC-II cars. The trip was also special because the Philadelphia Eagles were playing in the Super Bowl the next day. The Eagles lost to the New England Patriots.
To view larger versions of the images, simply click on the image (larger versions less than 40K).
 "Rush Hour" at Eastwick Loop as the PCC-IIs share the loop tracks with a revenue Kawasaki car on Route 36.
 Cars 2336 and 2337 have the Eastwick Loop to themselves.
 The motorman of car 2336 sets the switch to enter the Mt. Moriah Cemetary Loop as car 2337 approaches (far right).
 Car 2336's destination sign shows where the excursion is heading next.
 Cars 2336 and 2337 pose at the Mt. Moriah Cemetary Loop. This loop is used by short-turning cars of Route 13.
 Car 2337 turning north onto 38th Street on the "subway diversion" trackage.
 Cars 2336 and 2337 on Filbert Street, north of Market, en route 63rd & Malvern.
 Car 2337 poses at the 63rd & Malvern Loop. The white residue on the roadway is salt leftover from a major snow storm that occurred just two weeks before this trip.
 Cars 2336 and 2337 at the 63rd & Malvern Loop. The weather for the trip was a "balmy" 45-50 degrees, but note the pile of snow to the left of 2336.
 Finally running on the trackage for which it was intended. Car 2337 is on the short stretch of Girard Avenue used by both Routes 10 and 15. Note the Super Bowl spirit being shown with Philadelphia Eagles flags and placards.
 Car 2337 heads south on 42nd Street, just before turning west on Baltimore Avenue.
 While waiting for the PCC-IIs to arrive from Darby a southbound CSXT freight crossed Main Street and an empty lumber car provided an opportunity for this unique photo of an inbound Route 11 Kawasaki car waiting for the train to clear.
 Shortly after the CSXT freight passed, the PCC-IIs arrived with car 2336 in the lead.
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