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Jones between Jefferson and Beach: F-Market PCCs
October 22, 2005

Posted: February 20, 2006

The F-Market streetcar line in San Francisco connects the popular Fishermans' Wharf and Pier 39 tourist destinations with the revitalized Embarcadero and Market Street. The route uses refurbished PCC cars painted in different paint schemes representing cities around the U.S. that operated the cars in the 20th Century. The Fisherman's Wharf terminal on Jones Street offers an excellent location to watch the calvacade of colorful cars.

Spend two hours here on a sunny, mid-autumn Saturday morning and watch the fleet pass. The photos are presented in chronological order.

To view larger versions of the images, simply click on the image.
 Car 1057 painted in Cincinnati colors and car 1058 in Chicago Transit Authority colors.
 Car 1058 begins turns off Jones onto Beach as it begins the trip to Market/Castro.
 Peter Witt cars from Milan are used to supplement the PCC fleet.
 Car 1059 in the 'colors' of the Boston Elevated Railway turning from Jefferson onto Jones. MUNI didn't quite get the colors right on some cars; this car is much more red than the actual orange used in Boston.
 Car 1060 is painted in the silver and blue of the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co.'s first 20 PCCs. The similarities of the colors to the Kraft Philadelphia-Brand Cream Cheese is noted in a placard in the car.
 Car 1060 departs the terminal on Jones Street.
 Though the Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Company-the Red Arrow Lines-never had a PCC, MUNI PCC 1007 is painted in the PSTC colors.
 The Red Arrow's PCC-look alikes built by St. Louis Car Co. were double-end like car 1007.
 Car 1052 painted in Los Angeles Railway colors leaves Jones Street for the 40-minute trip to Market/Castro.
 Car 1053 painted in Brooklyn colors at the Jones Street terminal. The ramp enables passengers in wheelchairs to board the cars through the front doors by using a bridge plate.
 Car 1053 heads downtown.
 Car 1050 in the hometown MUNI colors lays over on Jones Street. The San Francisco Bay is on the other side of the Castagnola's restaurant in the background.
 Car 1050 displays the original MUNI green/white PCC paint scheme as it turns onto Beach Street.
 Car 1051 approaches Jones Street on Jefferson wearing the simplified MUNI green/white paint scheme.
 No San Francisco page would be complete without a photo showing the hills, here looming above car 1051.
 Even with the Milan Peter Witt cars covering some trips, the huge passenger loads sometimes require articulated buses to fill in for the vintage rail vehicles.
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