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SNCF CC6500 Electric Locomotive

Posted: May 11, 2008

Alfredo Grasso of Milan, Italy, presents a tribute to the famous French CC6500 electric locomotive.
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 One of the greatest French electric locomotives from the 1970s was the CC6500. This class of locomotives operated for over 30 years.
 In the early 1970s, Alsthom built a fleet of 74 CC6500 units.
 Designed to pull Trans Europe Express luxury passenger trains and rapide services at speeds up to 200 kph... was equally at home on "freightliner" services due to its high power--5900kW. It was one of the most powerful non-electronic locomotives.
 Due to a unique gearbox coupling, it was able to handle top speeds of 100 kph for hauling freights, and 200 kph when used in passenger service.
 The primary freight line of the CC6500 was the Maurienne Valley line, in the Savoie French zone.
 The last CC6500 was withdrawn from service in 2006.
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