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Bangkok, Thailand: Skytrain

Posted: December 16, 2007

Alfredo Grasso of Milan, Italy, shares photos taken in Bangkok, Thailand of the Skytrain driverless rapid transit line
To view larger versions of the images, simply click on the image (larger versions less than 50K).
 A Skytrain trainset leaves the Siam Central station, located in the center of Bangkok, Thailand.
 Many Skytrain trainsets look attractive with their advertising livrery.
 Siam Central is the main station of the Skytrain LRT of Bangkok. The two lines Sukhumvit and Silom cross here one another.
 A Skytrain trainset comes from Siam in the station of Chit Lom, on the Sukhumvit Line. Taking a ride on the Skytrain light railway could be an interesting way to visit the city of Bangkok.
 A trainset standing at the Chit Lom station of the Bangkok Skytrain light railway.
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