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Bangkok, Thailand, Railways

Posted: June 17, 2007

Alfredo Grasso of Milan, Italy, shares photos taken in Bangkok, Thailand
To view larger versions of the images, simply click on the image (larger versions less than 50K).
 The hall side of the Bangkok main station isn't too different than many European railway stations, for example, Milan Central (Italy) or Paris Gare de Lyon (France), though on a slightly different scale.
 This is the track side of the station of Bangkok Hua Lampong, with a classic roof built of iron and glass. Entrance is available by purchasing a platform ticket.
 In this area the roof ends, it is possible to see the maze of tracks of the State Railways of Thailand outside the station shed.
 Diesel-electric locomotive ALS 4136 prepares to depart Hua Lampong station.
 Bangkok Hua Lampong: a close-up of the diesel-electric locomotive GEA 4535, built by General Electric as model GE CM22-7i.
 This is the diesel-electric locomotive HID 4519, built by Hitachi. It looks simple and not too aerodynamic. Actually, also in Europe there are new and high-tech diesel engines but with more attention to styling, such as the Vossloh G-2000.
 SRT locomotives side-by-side at Bangkok Hua Lampong: Alstom ALS 4141 close to Hitachi HID 4519.
 On display next to the tracks of Hua Lampong you can see the steam locomotive Class 714, type Mogul 2-6-0. This engine was built by Hitachi in 1935 and first was in service for JNR.
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