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Albuquerque Rail Runner

Posted: September 6, 2006

Albuquerque, NM, joined the list of cities in the U.S. with commuter rail service when the Rail Runner began running between Albuquerque and Sandoval/U.S. 550 on July 14, 2006. This page shows the Rail Runner operations as well as views of stations and connecting bus services. All photos were taken using black and white film on August, 15, 2006. As of the time of these photographs, The Rail Runner was serving just three stations from Albuquerque north when these photos were taken, but eventually the line will also reach Belen, south of Albququerque. A further extension to Santa Fe is being planned.

To view larger versions of the images, simply click on the image.
 At Sandoval/U.S. 550, passengers have already found short cuts to walk to their homes. This view looks south, towards Albuquerque. The engines are currently on the south end of the consists.
 One of the Indian Casinos provides a shuttle bus to the Sandoval/U.S. 550 station.
 Commuters head to theirs cars at the Sandoval/U.S. 550 station after arriving by train from Albuquerque.
 A feeder bus from the NMDOT-sponsored regional commuter bus service at Sandoval/U.S. 550. The bus network extends the reach of the commuter train as far as Santa Fe, 132 miles from Albuquerque.
 A mid-day Rail Runner train approaches Los Ranchos en route Albuquerque.
 The simple, but attractive station at Los Ranchos.
 The simple, but attractive station at Los Ranchos.
 Connecting buses at Los Ranchos.
 A train full of happy passengers.
 A train full of happy passengers.
 Train time in Albuquerque. The eastbound Southwest Chief shares platform space with the Rail Runner.
 This view from the train platforms shows the short walk to connecting bus service.
 Bystanders at the station photographing the Southwest Chief and the Rail Runner.
 Bus stop sign for Route 151, the Rail Runner Connection, at the Albuquerque train station.
 This is what happens when the architect leaves and the operations and security people find a sign catalog.
 A view of the station from the bus side of the station, near the Route D stop.
 This concourse leads past the intercity bus terminal to the tracks.
 Main entrance for the intercity bus terminal. Americanos, a cross-border service, shares a counter with TMN&O, but Greyhound has a separate counter.
 Passengers boarding the 5:25 p.m. train to Sandoval/U.S. 550.
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