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Superliner-I Coach Wreck Repairs for California Service

Last Update: August 22, 2009

By Car Number By Rebuild Date

Superliner-I Coach California Rebuilds by New Number
New Number Former Number Conversion Date Name
31934 31034 July 2009 Cedar Grove
34943 34043 March 2008 Oak Grove
34951 34051 May 2009 Redwood Grove
34953 34053 July 2007 Pacific Grove
34960 31592 October 2008 Sequoia Grove
34967 34067 July 2008 Sycamore Grove
34981 34081 July 2007 Pleasant Grove

Superliner-I Coach California Rebuilds by Date
Conversion Date New Number Former Number Name
July 2007 34953 34053 Pacific Grove
July 2007 34981 34081 Pleasant Grove
March 2008 34943 34043 Oak Grove
July 2008 34967 34067 Sycamore Grove
October 2008 34960 31592 Sequoia Grove
May 2009 34951 34051 Redwood Grove
July 2009 31934 31034 Cedar Grove

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