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Pacific Parlour Car Information

Last Update: July 6, 2008

Car Number

Pacific Parlour Car Information
Number Name Notes
39970 Columbia Valley  Released from Beech Grove, May 2, 2008
39972 Napa Valley Released from Beech Grove, May 2, 2008
39973 Santa Lucia Highlands Released from Beech Grove, Apr. 6, 2008
39974 Sonoma Valley Released from Beech Grove, June 11, 2008
39975 Willamette Valley Released from Beech Grove, Apr. 25, 2008
According to observations by Peter Warner (no relation to the OTOL webmaster) Pacific Parlour Cars have six tables with four seats, two couches with four spaces each and eight individual easy chairs on the upper level and 21 seats in the downstairs seating area.

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