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California Surfliners (Delivered 2002)

Last Update: July 6, 2008

Cafe Coaches
Business Class Cab/Baggage/Coach

California Cafe Cars
Number Name Service
6351 Tecolote Canyon Surfliner
6352 Topanga Canyon Surfliner
6361 Angel Island Capitols/San Joaquin
6362 Treasure Island Capitols/San Joaquin

California Coaches
Number Name Service
6451 Ocean Beach Surfliner
6452 Mission Beach Surfliner
6453 Pacific Beach Surfliner
6461 Pebble Beach Capitols/San Joaquin
6462 Moss Beach Capitols/San Joaquin
6463 Muir Beach Capitols/San Joaquin
6464 Stinson Beach Capitols/San Joaquin
6465 Moonstone Beach Capitols/San Joaquin

California Business Class Cars
Number Name Service
6851 Balboa Park Surfliner
6852 Elysian Park Surfliner

California Cab/Baggage/Coaches
Number Name Service
6951 Point Loma Surfliner
6952 Point Vicente Surfliner
6953 Point Conception Surfliner
6961 Point Arguello Capitols/San Joaquin
6962 Point Bonita Capitols/San Joaquin
6963 Point Reyes Capitols/San Joaquin
6964 Point Arena Capitols/San Joaquin
6965 Point St. George Capitols/San Joaquin

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