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Amtrak California Car Names

Last Update: November 1, 2003

Cab/Coaches Coaches
Coach/Baggage Dining

Number Name
8301 Mount Whitney
8302 Mount Shasta
8303 Mount Diablo
8304 Mount Wilson
8305 Mount Tamalpais
8306 Mount Soledad
8307 Mount Baldy
8308 Mount San Gorgonio
8309 Mount San Jacinto
8310 Mount Hamilton
8311 Mount Palomar
8312 Mount Inyo
8313 Mount Lassen
8314 Mount Pinos

Number Name
8001 Sacramento River
8002 San Joaquin River
8003 American River
8004 San Gabriel River
8005 Kern River
8006 Merced River
8007 Russian River
8008 Stanislaus River
8009 Santa Ana River
8010 Truckee River
8011 Yuba River
8012 San Lorenzo River
8013 Klamath River
8014 Colorado River
8015 Salinas River
8016 San Luis Rey River
8017 Tuolumne River
8018 Trinity River
8019 Eel River
8020 Feather River
8021 Kings River
8022 Pit River
8023 Calaveras River
8024 Cosumnes River
8025 Mokelumne River
8026 Petaluma River
8027 Smith River
8028 Mad River
8029 Pajaro River
8030 Noyo River
8031 Mattole River
8032 Santa Clara River

Number Name
8201 San Francisco Bay
8202 San Diego Bay
8203 Bodega Bay
8204 Drakes Bay
8205 Monterey Bay
8206 Humboldt Bay

Dining Cars(Valleys)
Number Name
8801 San Joaquin Valley
8802 Sacramento Valley
8803 San Gabriel Valley
8804 Napa Valley
8805 Yosemite Valley
8806 Salinas Valley
8807 Imperial Valley
8808 Coachella Valley
8809 Santa Maria Valley
8810 Owens Valley
8811 Antelope Valley
8812 Sonoma Valley
8813 San Fernando Valley
8814 Mission Valley

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