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Pacific Surfliner Names

Last Update: June 1, 2013

Cafe Coaches
Business Class Cab/Baggage/Coach

Cafe Cars
Number Proposed
Date Named/
First Sighted
6300 Rose Canyon Rose Canyon Jan. 2010
6301 Sepulveda Canyon Soledad Canyon Sept. 2009
6302 Carbon Canyon Sand Canyon June 2008
Carbon Canyon April 2009
6303 San Francisquito Canyon San Timiteo Canyon August 2008
San Francisquito Canyon Sept. 2009
6304 Coldwater Canyon Stone Canyon Sept. 2008
Coldwater Canyon Feb. 2010
6305 Santa Barbara Canyon Diablo Canyon July 2010
6306 Temescal Canyon San Francisquito Canyon April 2009
San Timiteo Canyon April 2013
6307 Big Tujunga Canyon Big Tujunga Canyon June 2009

Number Proposed
Date Named/
First Sighted
6400 Carpinteria Beach Carpinteria Beach Jan. 2010
6401 Grover Beach Grover Beach Sept. 2009
6402 Huntington Beach Solana Beach June 2008
Huntington Beach April 2009
6403 Hermosa Beach Hermosa Beach April 2009
6404 Redondo Beach Redondo Beach Oct. 2008
6405 Solana Beach Newport Beach May 2008
Solana Beach Sept. 2009
6406 Laguna Beach Laguna Beach November 2009
6407 Newport Beach Bolsa Chica Beach June 2008
Newport Beach April 2009
6408 Capistrano Beach Capistrano Beach Sept. 2009
6409 Encinitas Beach Torrey Pines Beach Sept. 2009
6410 Imperial Beach Imperial Beach April 2009
6411 Pismo Beach Pismo Beach July 2009
6412 Seal Beach Seal Beach July 2009
6413 Venice Beach Manhattan Beach April 2009
6414 Cabrillo Beach Cabrillo Beach April 2009

Business Class Cars
Number Proposed
Date Named/
First Sighted
6800 Griffith Park Griffith Park Sept. 2009
6801 Echo Park Echo Park April 2009
6802 Gaviota Park Echo Park May 2008
Presidio Park Oct. 2009
6803 MacArthur Park Griffith Park July 2008
MacArthur Park Sept. 2009
6804 San Buenaventura Park Montano de Oro Park May 2010
6805 Torrey Pines Park Gaviota Park March 2009
Belmont Park March 2013
6806 Shoreline Park San Simeon Park April 2009
Shoreline Park May 2013
6807 Frazier Park Frazier Park June 2009

Number Proposed
Date Named/
First Sighted
6900 Point Pinos Point Buchon Jan. 2010
6901 Point Hueneme Point Hueneme Oct. 2009
6902 none
6903 Point Piedras Blancas Point Mugu May 2008
Point Piedras Blancas November 2009
6904 Point Sur Point Sur November 2008
6905 Point San Luis Point San Luis April 2009
6906 Point Dume Point Dume Sept. 2009
6907 Point Mugu Point Mugu June 2009
6908 Point Fermin Point Estero Aug. 2009

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The information on this page is as accurate as possible as of the date listed at the top of the page. Webmasters David and HaRRy wish to thank Dan Ainsworth and El Simon, Associate Editor of Passenger Train Journal, for his assistance in preparing this page.

Sightings primarily provided courtesy of Peter Warner (no relation to the OTOL webmaster.)

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